Changes visible by 2018-2020

A. The Grand and Petit Quadrilatères: the reorganisation of the space under the station as shops, facilities and services (project owner: SNCB-Holding)

B. Fonsny 1: offices, shops (project owner: Eurostation)

C. Victor: offices, housing, shops (project owner: Atenor + CFE)

D. Jamar: a new residential complex above the tram route

E. Bara: the start of work on the conversion of this urban block to create a mixed development

F. Constitution: new tram and metro tunnels; creation of a new station (project owner: Brussels Mobility)

G. The redevelopment of the intermodal hub (metro, tram, bus, bicycle, taxi, kiss & ride, deliveries, etc.)

H. The reclassification of Rue Couverte

I. The reorganisation and redevelopment of the station

... The redevelopment of public spaces