Bouwmeester-Master Architect (BMA) team

The role of the bouwmeester (chief architect) and their team is to monitor spatial quality, in terms of architecture and in terms of urban planning and the public space in the Brussels-Capital Region. This involves promoting urban development ambitions in Brussels. The bouwmeester acts independently.

    Master architect « Bouwmeester maître architecte » (BMA)
    Master architect « Bouwmeester maître architecte » (BMA)


    The BMA team is divided into three pillars:

    • the organisation of competitions, which allows projects and project developers to be selected in a transparent and qualitative manner;
    • the Research by Design approach, which sets up preliminary research for the project and makes it possible to support the project developer upstream of the design stage and to highlight future possibilities for a site, a programme or a theme;
    • the Quality Chamber, which organises a professional dialogue between the various bodies involved in projects in the phase of preparing a permit application.

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