PerspectiveLab was set up within the centre of expertise of a laboratory for urban life that aims to further extend its remit.


    It is intended to be a space for meeting and collaborative creation, made up of all collaborators, while being open to a wide audience of professionals and interested parties.

    The Lab as a tool for internal and external communication

    • Organisation of seminars
    • Communication via social networks or the website

    The Lab as a centre of expertise on the city

    Being a laboratory of ideas and reflection

    • Networking for the actors implicated in the missions of
    • Highlighting innovative projects or ideas
    • Preparing the themes addressed, by encouraging links with the actors concerned
    • General organisation of events
    • Critical presentation of the themes addressed, debate + possible exhibitions
    • Implementation of a working process to implement possible recommendationsMise en lumière de projets ou d’idées innovantes

    Being a place for "project-based research"

    Being a facilitator of urban development

    • Participation in drafting the cross-cutting strategic documents (Regional Industrial Plan)
    • Coordination of cross-cutting studies (study on the urban integration of economic activities)

    The Lab as a cross-cutting facilitator via the "work in progress"

    Implementation of an iterative work process on specific themes, by creating links between the various teams and the actors concerned ("housing and urban planning", "regional jogging plan").


    Algemene directieDirectorate-GeneralDirection générale