Our strategic objectives leading up to 2027

    To concretise our vision, we have laid down five strategic objectives.

    1. Develop the production of cross-cutting expertise to identify regional issues on an ongoing basis

    Perspective strengthens its function as a centre of expertise by developing territory watch and skills to better understand regional risks and challenges and identify territorial and socio-economic issues, in collaboration with its partners. The aim is to ensure the sharing and circulation of knowledge and expertise in order to continuously feed into reflections on the future of the Region.

    2. Strengthen Perspective as the reference stakeholder for the balanced, inclusive and sustainable territorial evolution of the Region

    The Region is firmly committed to balanced territorial development. Perspective wants to contribute to the conditions of success of this balance and promote shared regional territorial strategy development. Using a multidisciplinary approach, Perspective strengthens territorial governance to support the implementation of the strategy developed.

    3. Systematically adopt a partnership approach that links Perspective's missions to those of its partners

    Perspective will continue and improve the construction of partnerships by structuring them to strengthen its capacity for exchange and establish the synergies necessary for the balanced development of the Region.

    4. Develop Perspective's operational excellence in a work environment that is fulfilling for employees and their well-being

    Perspective's employees are its leading resource. Perspective wants to create the conditions for its talent to succeed. To this end, it wants to improve and clarify the support processes and develop the tools necessary each person's mission.

    5. Promote and share Perspective's expertise, achievements and productions through effective, innovative and relevant communication

    Perspective wants to improve the visibility of its productions and activities so that it can enhance its achievements and strengthen their impact.